Rancho Riu de Gaià

Western Riding in Spain – An individual and unique holiday experience right in the heart of Catalunya

Rancho Riu de Gaià

Away from the hustle and bustle, away from mass tourism

Rancho Riu de Gaià is a natural paradise for humans and animals in the Conca de Barberà, situated in the Tarragona province, Catalonia – The green heart of Spain

Individual equestrian and nature holiday in the green heart of Spain

Our ranch offers first-class living, delicious food and a competent, friendly, helpful team which welcomes you to their home. All of this results in the most beautiful horseback riding holidays in Spain. We offer you the wild nature of the Conca de Barberà in the province of Tarragona. The horses live freely on the ranch grounds and have most of the 55 hectars to them. You can already watch them at breakfast on your terrace. Holidays on Rancho Riu de Gaià are suitable for families, couples, solo travelers and small groups. Our guests come from all over the world to experience riding holidays off the beaten track. They have one thing in common – The love of nature, for animals and the sense of the original experience!

Far from mass tourism, Rancho Riu de Gaià – Catalonia, Tarragona

Rancho Riu de Gaia is situated 90 km west of Barcelona and can easily be reached by car or alternatively we can arrange a personal transfer for you. From our Ranch you can reach the crystal clear sea of the Costa Dorada and the fine sandy beaches of Waikiki Beach, La Mora and Tamarit in about an hour. Our ranch is nestled in the beautiful valley of the Riu Gaià with its wild romantic canyons. In the Middle Ages, the Gaià Valley formed the natural boundary between al-Andalus and christian Spain – We have a lot of history to discover. We offer plenty of space, the nearest village Santa Perpètua de Gaia is a 10-minute drive away, with no trace of neighbours!


Riding holiday on Rancho Riu de Gaia – Tarragona, Katalonien

Conca De Barberà Trailrides

7 days riding holiday on our ranch with trail rides and picnics in the primeval nature of Catalonia.

Includes double rooms and full board.

A Weekend riding holiday

A 3 days riding holiday on our ranch with trail rides and pcnics in dreamlike grounds of the Conca de Barberà.

Includes double rooms and full board.

Trail rides for beginners

7 days riding holiday on the horse ranch with trail course, exercise style, hiking ride and picnic in dreamlike terrain

Includes double rooms and full board.

Our contribution to sustainability

Our ranch is nestled in the primeval valley of the Riu Gaià. We are aware of our responsibility for the beautiful nature and this region. In our efforts to operate sustainably and to live autonomously, we rely on our own water supply and solar energy. Organic produce from our region forms the basis for our good cuisine. For us, sustainability means that what we are doing today has a positive impact on tomorrow.

The Team – We are here for you

We at Rancho Riu de Gaià have a combined experience of 40 years with horses and riding, more than 17 years of combined experience with guest riding and trail rides – to make your holiday a perfect experience. We help you and make sure you don’t lack anything – We are committed to make your stay a great experience.

Creating an individual and personal experience is what we do

We don’t create random groups of riders and there is never any compulsion to get things done. We pick you up where you stand ion your riding skills and, respond individually to your wishes and requirements and make sure you are safe and most importantly that you are enjoying yourself.

  • You are a total novice or you want to get back into riding after a long time?
  • You want to find out more and learn “Western Riding”, also if you come from the classic horsemanship and you want to change and learn more?
  • Are you interested in bitless riding?
  • You are advanced riders and want to learn more? Trail rides in the absolute dream area!
  • If you are afraid of horses, or had a traumatic experience or don’t know how to work with a horse?
  • You have no riding experience all together and just want to go on a holiday?
  • You have a dog and you want to bring it?

Please talk to us as we offer you all of this and much more! We will take care of you individually and flexibly.
You can be sure that you are in the best hands with us.

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